Unlock the Secrets to Defeating Procrastination, Launching Your Creative Business, and Scaling Your Productivity

Learn Sarah Edwards' proven framework for living joyfully with more creativity, financial growth, mental wellness, and clarity.

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“Working with Sarah has done more for me than years of therapy."

Bridgette Clarity Club Member's & Creative Catalyst Academy Student

 Discover Your Full Creative Potential: The 3 Secrets to Achieving Authenticity, Mental Wellness, and Unstoppable Success in Business and Goals

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Procrastination, being overwhelmed, and lack of organization are not personality traits, nor is being an entrepreneur.

You've been worried that business and success aren't possible for you.

I get it. That used to be me. As someone with mental health disorders and disabilities who was always "not average," I never thought I was worth anything or my creativity. 

Success is possible for everyone from any background, disorder, limitation, story, and creativity.

People are seeking your expertise, skill, art, ideas, and style right now. They are waiting for you to show up and tell your story, establish your agency, and share your work. 

Embracing your authentic self, leveraging your limitations, and developing effective success systems are the keys to unlocking your full potential and achieving great success in every aspect of your life.

Save Your Seat

This 90-minute workshop will uncover the 3 step process to build a strong, productive, creative business foundation.


This training is PERFECT for you whether you're a..

  • A girlie 🌈 who feels completely overwhelmed and has no idea where to start in goals, creativity, or business 💭
  • A queen 👑 who feels trapped by intrusive thoughts, doubts, and imposter syndrome 🔥
  • Curious about how to lay the vital building blocks for ✨ productivity that could lead to financial growth and joy 💖

The truth is this:

Your mind and alignment, mixed with powerful clarity and consistency, is the fastest way to change your life, feel lighter when creating, and achieve your goals.

A focus on mental wellness, working intentionally (and not harder, coming from an ex-workaholic), is now the new self-care.

Authenticity and clarity may become your secret weapon if you a significant shift in your life, creativity, goals, or business.

Save Your Seat

Creative Clarity Has The Power to Change Your Life

When I was facing my darkest season, seeping in suicidal ideation and then thrown into mental health recovery and rehab for OCD, C-PTSD, and GAD, I emerged, having gone through one of the most profound identity shifts and changes I may have experienced in my entire life. 

Clarity about who I was and what I wanted to create and getting intentional about my ideal life mattered more than what I was taught was important. Success does not come from driving ourselves into spaces like perfectionism, workaholism, titles, status, and burnout. 

Working within my limitations and accepting my disorders, handicaps, and resource blocks or areas of growth was my success catalyst, and I no longer needed to conform to one way of working or dreaming.

Are you constantly quitting projects, giving up on business ideas, procrastinating on big ideas, burning out, feeling lost or overwhelmed? If so, it might be time for a change. 

It's exactly what I had to do.

The Creative Business and Life You've Been Dreaming About is Waiting For You

  • You deserve to feel lightness when working on your creative work, not constantly drowning in doubt, confusion, and feeling scattered
  • You can be skilled in creativity and need help in business or setting goals. It's okay to want a change and to invest in yourself.
  • You are the author of your creative chapter, life, and journey.

Let's find your clarity together!


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A Little About Me...

I’m Sarah Edwards, I help female creative entrepreneurs struggling with mental health and disabilities defeat procrastination, complete projects, meet goals, and realize dreams.

I guide them in launching their dream business, identifying their brand, and escalating their business objectives.

As someone who has worked at some of the biggest creative ad agencies in the world, I know a few things. However, after teaching over 5,000 creatives and working with women worldwide, I dedicated my energy to improving and healing minds and creative spirits.

They can then utilize this process as a daily project management tool to chase any goal, scale their business, secure financial freedom, and lead a more joy-filled life!